I started my career in construction working on summer carpentry crews in 1976.  I always knew I wanted to build things and in high school attended a building trades school for half of the school day then we would be bussed back to our regular school for the other half of the day..  You can see my certificate below.  After high school I attended the National Home Builders Apprenticeship program  Something I am sad to say we do not see any longer in the industry.  This program fed apprentices to local contractors and this is how I got my start. 

I soon developed a framing crew in 1980 and started framing houses for different developers and individuals.  I helped start Habitat for Humanity in Chattanooga in 1986 and in later years joined several engineering and architecture firms. I worked as a draftsman at BCA Architecture in the 90's and later became an associate at Tune Design Architecture in 1999.  These years in architecture taught me design and project management skills needed to start my design-build business in 2004, Artisan Construction, LLC. 

Since 1984 I have also been been working with different CAD software such as AutoCAD, Revit. Microstation, and have now been working with SketchUp since 2006. I started ATDrafting.com as a division of our design-build company to handle online demand for drafting services.  I am not a licensed architect, so I cannot stamp your drawings, but I do know how things are built and how to create 3D models and working drawings for your projects.  Typically, stamped drawings are not required for residential projects or other occupancies where people are not residing.  Check with your local building inspection office and if I can can help, contact me here.  Meanwhile, check out some of my certifications below.