TinyCabinLatest 640If you don't follow me on Instagram,  you may not know after a minor midlife crisis I moved to the woods and built a temporary tiny shack.  My ultimate plan is to build a tiny cabin and I have struggled with the design ever since moving into the temporary tiny shack a few months ago. I have built many and love the original log cabin but to build one for me is to give into the easy way out regarding design.  I want to challenge myself and see if I can build something that brings a different kind of melancholy.  

The plan is very simple and mainly consists of a shop (my whole purpose in life) a kitchen, bath and sleeping room. The bedroom is small as I see this as a room of necessity and not for living.  Like the bear sees the cave before he enters it for winter. It is an instinct but I am sure he dreads the long sleep.  The kitchen is really jut part of the office as this is where the magi happens. The design before the storm :)

The elevations are an attempt to pay homage to the modern architecture of the 50's  I often tell my customers that not contemporary humans are brave enough or have the budget to replicate or should even try because of the sacrilege but I digress, I am going to try it because I turn 60 this year and time is running out to create that great masterpiece :). I don't imagine I'll be remembered for much. I was kind of hoping the buildings I have built would stand for something but say la vie :)  TinyCabinPlan 1 450

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