I can provide a broad range of services.  I started in 1978 learning the building trades. Since that time I have worked in every capacity in the industry from apprentice carpenter to a project manager for a large architecture firm.  For local customers, I am also a Design-Build General Contractor.  Not only can I provide drawings for your project, I can show how it will be built.  Below are some of the more popular services I offer;

1.  Residential Design and Drafting

2.  Site Plans for Permits

3.  Rezoning Site Plans

4.  How-to Videos for Your Project.

5.  3D Modeling and GCode for 3D Printing

6.  Material Takeoff and Estimating

7.  Construction Management & Consulting

8.  Modifying Existing Drawings for Alternate Sites

9.  As-Built Drawings and Models of Existing Buildings

Contact me here if you have any questions or are in need of my services. 


This 28' x 40' carport project was for one of our customers in Arizona and I am pleased with how it turned out.  He will be installing a 40kw solar system on the roof and park his 38' motor home also.  If you need a project like this please contact me here.

After much time and effort (and hardware/software updates) I have submitted the first complete draft to Metal Pro Buildings. I want to thanks Herbert for his patience while I went through a learning process.  You never know as much as you think :)








We have an interesting new project for a company called Metal Pro Buildings in North York, Ontario.  We will be creating a model and animation of erection of their Quonset model buildings.  They will use this animation to create a video for customers erecting their buildings and for marketing purposes.  It should be fun and you can follow along in the video series I am creating.